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At Vernon's Swimming, we're not just about teaching you how to swim — we're committed to teaching you how to swim right and be great at it. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to become not just a swimmer, but an excellent one. Through our expertly designed programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a team of dedicated instructors, we provide an environment where skills are honed, confidence is built, and true swimming prowess is achieved.

Our Vision: 500 Swim Teachers, 100,000 Happy Students Annually by 2030

vernon's swimming


Experience the pinnacle of aquatic education with Vernon's Swimming.

Our elite brand is synonymous with excellence, boasting coaches of unparalleled expertise and rich backgrounds.


Dive into lessons crafted by seasoned professionals, ensuring a premium learning journey tailored for those seeking the very best.


Valued Experience

Vital Well-being

At Vernon's Swimming in Singapore, each swimmer's personalized journey is at the heart of our approach. We expertly balance enjoyment with skill acquisition, setting the gold standard for swimming lessons that are both engaging and educational.

Our swimming classes don't just focus on strokes and techniques. In Singapore's bustling pace, Vernon's Swimming offers a haven of holistic well-being, where swimmers leave each lesson feeling revitalised in body and spirit.

Vertex of Skill

Vernon's Swimming takes pride in offering Singapore's most comprehensive swimming curriculum. We aim for the apex, ensuring every student dives deep and masters the essential swimming skills, boosting their confidence with every splash.

Visionary Approach

In the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore's aquatic education, Vernon's Swimming stands out with its forward-thinking methods. We're not just teaching swimming; we're sculpting the future of aquatic excellence, one stroke at a time.

Vow to Progress

In the heart of Singapore, where progress is a way of life, Vernon's Swimming mirrors this ethos in every lesson. Our steadfast commitment to continuous development guarantees our swimmers are always on an upward trajectory, celebrating both their aquatic and personal milestones.

Our Approach For Swimming

Holistic Development

In the heart of Singapore, Vernon's Swimming isn't just another swimming school. Our method ensures a holistic development, where swimmers are not only taught techniques but are also groomed mentally and physically, reinforcing well-being with every lesson.

Structured yet Flexible Curriculum

Our swimming lessons are designed with a clear structure, ensuring progression from basic to advanced levels. However, we understand that every swimmer is unique. That's why our instructors adopt a flexible approach, customizing lessons to individual needs, ensuring a comfortable pace and maximum skill retention.

Emphasis on Core Techniques

While we embrace the joy of swimming, we equally emphasize mastering core techniques. From the basics of breath control to the intricacies of efficient strokes, our approach ensures that swimmers build a solid foundation, preparing them for any aquatic challenge.

Continuous Feedback and Improvement

At Vernon's Swimming, the journey doesn't end with mastering a stroke. We believe in continuous improvement. Our instructors provide regular feedback, ensuring swimmers are aware of their strengths and areas of improvement. With consistent evaluations and personalized advice, we ensure that our swimmers always remain on a progressive path.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Safety is paramount at Vernon's Swimming. Our certified instructors are trained to maintain a safe learning environment, ensuring that every swimmer feels secure and supported. Coupled with the latest training equipment and facilities, we guarantee a safe and enriching experience.

Community and Fun

While the goal is to master swimming, we never forget the essence of fun. Our community-driven approach ensures that every swimmer feels a sense of belonging. Through group activities, friendly competitions, and communal celebrations, we make sure that learning swimming at Vernon's is not just an education but a delightful experience.

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